Cleaner Bot

Cleaner Bot is used to access the places that were never designed to be inspected. It is a mobile robot that is specialized for inspection of air ducts. It is highly reliable, rugged and effective robot, and its low cost provides it with exceptional value. The robot, the control system and the accessories are stored in rugged case, for easy transportation.

Our versatile robots perform a wide variety of inspection and monitoring tasks. It is designed to carry out on-site inspections in hazardous environments,isolated facilities,and other places that are difficult or dangerous for personnel to access.

Benifits include reduced risk and improved efficiency of operation. We ensure the air you breath is clean.


  • Compact and portable
  • Robust and sturdy construction for the harshest of environments
  • High quality HD real time video inspection and recording
  • Suitable for all duct shapes, horizontal ascent and decent
  • High power LED lights for brighter illumination
  • Speed Controlled for easy manoeuvring


size: 313 218 137
Weight: 3.6 kg
Wheels: Track belt
Lights: 3 Watt LED Lights
Speed: Variable
Controller:Wired(30 m), on-board display, skid steer tank drive.
Endurance: 3 hours
Camera: Front- 720TVL, Rear- 600TVL
Payloads: Duct Cleaning Equipment's
Air con duct inspection
Kitchen duct inspection
Laundry duct inspection
Pipeline inspection and blockage detection