Unmanned Ground Vehicles

The Knight fury series robots provide world-class support to defence forces and first responders alike. These easily transportable systems enable their operators to carry them into some of the most hazardous conditions and terrains found on earth, from desert and mountainous combat situations when you need a reliable, tough robot to advance ahead of your dismounted forces, select a Knight Fury, which can give a overall situation awareness before they enter a zone.

Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle(SUGV)provides a rugged, flexible solution to ordnance disposal,reconnaissance,inspection and security in military and first responder applications.

The robot can remotely operated from many hundreds of meters away, providing protection and safety to their operators.

The added advantage of night vision cameras gives eyes even on dark conditions. These robots can also be used for clearing pathway in landmine zones, which greatly reduces the loss of life.


  • Specifically designed for dismounted small units to enhance reconnaissance missions, early warning and overall situational awareness
  • Lightweight to minimize impact to existing combat load
  • Small enough to fit inside an assault pack
  • Equipped with superior night vision system, which gives eyes even on extreme dark conditions.
  • Back-Packable - weighing only 4kgs
  • Rugged control station with easy transportable casing
  • Can be depolyed less than ten seconds
  • Extend endurance over 90Mins of operational time depending upon the mission.
  • Can climb small steps under 80MM height.
  • Durable track type drive to traverse even on extreme hash terrains.


size: 30cm 30cm 9.9cm(LxBxH)
Weight: 4 kg
Speed: lft /s
Endurance:1-2 hrs, mission dependent
RF Range: 100+m (750mts)LOS
Acoustics: On-board microphone
Cameras: Front(day and night capable)
Controller: Hand-held with monitor
Radio Unit: 2.4Ghz radio
Payloads:Sensors, manipulator arms, cameras, etc.
Situation awareness
Bomb disposal
First responders
Pathway clearing
Hazardous area surveillance