SP Robotic Works Pvt. Ltd. (SPRW) is an Indian startup company founded in 2012 by two graduates of the Anna University (CEG)'s Electrical and Electronics Engineering program. SPRW has found early success in the Educational Division with its highly proven quality standards for its products and services. Now, our mission has been set to prove SPRW really is "Your Unmanned Expert" with our multipurpose robot platforms serving various industries and applications such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Assembly, Defence, Military, Security and Surveillance.

SPRW has quickly gained recognition as the go-to provider of rugged, user-friendly robots for rapid prototyping, as well as complicated custom robotics and automation projects. We also design and fabricate dependable robotics platforms that can be implemented in various applications and needs.

Our Journey

SPRW began as two Anna University Electrical and Electronics Engineering students tried to decrease the usage of man-power for uninteresting, unhealthy and unstable works and rather use the brains for developing technologies for the future.

An Pumps Manufacturing company provided the ideal setting for initial development of a Self-learning arm robot that could be taught and could replicate the actions enabling its usage by a lay-man and also work in an open environment among humans.

Eventually, lack of resources forced this project to be set aside and SPRW charted a new course. Production began on robust and reliable automation products for various industrial IoT Applications. By providing such products and gaining the market share slowly, SPRW recently started its Robotic Division with sufficient resources for prototyping robust platforms for robotic applications in various industry sectors.

As the first iterations of the Cleaner Bot Series started rolling, and swimming, off the shelves, SPRW has dove into a wide range of custom projects. From security and surveillance, to service industries, no challenge has been too large, nor any robot wish list too small.